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Zodiac(s): Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo

Chakra(s): Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root

Element(s): Fire

Number Vibration:  5

Planetary Body(ies): Mars, Sun

Carnelian is a type of red/orange Chalcedony. It is one of our top prescribed stones for protection from psychic attack (along with Obsidian) and is a fantastic crystal for manifesting the life you want. Working primarily in the lower chakras, Carnelian helps with creation, stability and being able to stand in your personal power. This power packed crystal helps you make better life choices, sharpens concentration, stimulates creativity and the ability to find creative solutions. Carnelian can support you in dealing with negativity and anger and is great to work with for fertility and sexual balance.  This grounding stone will also assist with courage and endurance to finish projects.

Healing Properties: Protection, Stability, Negativity, Psychic Protection, Creativity, Fertility, Courage, Motivation, Energy, Release Emotional Dominance, Abuse, Joy, Happiness, Confidence, Curiosity, Depression, Willpower, Empowerment, Endurance, Grounding, Inner Fire, Personal Power, Problem Solving, Purpose, Release Trauma, Sexuality.

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