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Black Opal (aka Brown Opal or Chocolate Opal)

Zodiacs: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra

Chakras: Root, Crown

Elements: Earth, Fire

Planetary Association: Earth

Number Vibration: 1

Black Opal, although not flashy like a lot of other varieties, is uncommon and highly sought after. It was originally only found in Lightning Ridge, Australia, but a new vein was recently discovered in Madagascar. The Madagascar version is generally more brown w/swirls of white. The primary property of this magnificent variety of Opal is in its ability to help you overcome fear (even your deepest fears). It does this through increasing your confidence, reminding you that you are protected and then gives you the courage to push through the fear. This is a stone you have to work with and not just passively expect it to work. It will also cleanse your emotional body, auric field and your mind of negativity. You can do this by “giving” the negative energies to your crystal and then make sure you cleanse the crystal however you normally cleanse your stones. Carry the Black Opal after the cleansing and it will work to deflect the negativity. This is a good practice if you work or live in a negative or energetically toxic environment as it will work to keep you cleared after you do this process. You will still need to cleanse your stone regularly though. Black Opal can also magnify your intentions which is great for manifesting; just be sure where your intentions and focus are so that you can manifest what you want and not what you are trying to avoid. Past life recall, soul retrieval and shamanic journeying are supported with Black Opal as well. You can also use it to feel into someone's intentions to see if they are being truthful and acting with integrity. Shake things up and be more spontaneous with this crystal. Perfect if you have been feeling stagnant or like you are in a rut! This power stone can be used in a multitude of ways and is a versatile stone for your healing toolbox.


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