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Angelite Zodiac(s): Aquarius Chakra(s): Throat, Crown Element(s): Air, water Planet(s): Neptune Vibration(s): 1 Angelite is a very high vibration stone that will help you to get in touch with your angelic guides. It connects you to higher realms and helps you to communicate with the beings of these realms. Angelite is best used with a grounding stone so that one may venture to higher vibrations without becoming untethered from reality. Some Angelites have streaks of red, which are caused by inclusions of hematite - these stones have an incredible ability to keep you grounded as you raise your vibration, astral travel, and develop your spiritual abilities. Angelite is also a very calming stone and helps those who may be nervous to venture into unknown metaphysical realms to get over their fear. An example of this may be people who are skittish about mediumship. Angelite can help dispel these worries so that you can ultimately reach your highest potential & achieve your goals for the highest good of all. Healing Properties: Angels, Communication, Astral Travel / Projection, Calming, Connection to Higher Self

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