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Blue Andean Opal

Zodiac(s): Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

Chakra(s): Throat/Third Eye

Blue Andean Opal is a special Opal from Peru that is known as the “Stone of Communication & Creativity.” This crystal can help you attract like-minded people into your life and offer protection during astral travel and journeying. It assists in calming your mind of overactive & restless thoughts thus facilitating meditation practices, divination and the ability to see the bigger picture. This stone works with you to be able to speak your mind, bring joy back into your life and with the ability to accept your life experiences as they are (not how you wished them to be). The potential healing properties of this particular Opal include easing fatigue and the respiratory system (use of this or any crystal for health purposes is not to replace medical care, only to be used in conjunction with a trusted medical provider).


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Blue & Green Dendritic Opal Large Standing Freeform


Blue Opal Palm Stone W/Druzy ~2.5" x 1.75"


Chocolate Opal Tower ~ 6"x2"


Hyalite Opal w/ Chalcedony Freeform Specimens


Hyalite Opal w/ Chalcedony Freeform Specimens


Violet Flame Opal


Yellow Opal Rough Chips


Yellow Opal Rough ~0.5" - 1"


Yellow Opal Rough ~1" -1.5"


Yellow Opal Rough ~1.5"-2"


Yellow Opal Rough ~2.5" x 1.75"


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