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Root Beer Calcite

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Root Beer Calcite is a very good stone to assist with the lower chakras (Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Root).The name root beer calcite came from when put in the light the shades of brown look like a root beer float. Some properties of this stone are removing blockages, creating positive vibes, and assisting with breaking toxic patterns. The zodiac signs that are related to this stone are Pisces and Scorpio. 

Healing Properties: Uplifting, Prosperity, Growth, Stability, Happiness, Grounding, Protection



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Root Beer Calcite Large Palm


Root Beer Calcite Palm


Root Beer Calcite Tumbled Stone


RootBeer Calcite Mortar & Pestle set


White Aragonite/Angel Calcite on Root Beer Calcite


White Aragonite/Angel Calcite on Root Beer Calcite


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