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Zodiac(s): Aries

Chakra(s): Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart

Bloodstone helps reconnect the lower chakras to the heart and flows energy to the mind/body/spirit. Often used by athletes for endurance due to this energy boost. This stone can stimulate physical/creative movement and due to the grounding properties will ease the mind chatter giving you calm, focused energy. This highly protective crystal can give you that boost of courage, energy or self-esteem you need and help heal emotional wounds. Bloodstone can assist in giving you a sense of security during the storm as well as help you recover after feeling like you’ve been knocked down.


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Bloodstone Raw Chunk


Bloodstone Tower ~ 7"x 2"


Dragon Bloodstone, Garnet & Prehnite 6mm Bracelet


Green Moss Agate & Bloodstone Tower w/Rough Side~7"


Indian Bloodstone Egg


Indian Bloodstone Freeform


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