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Red Aventurine

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Red Aventurine is a very loving, positive stone. Red Aventurine works with the Root Chakra to enhance creativity, abundance, and overall well-being. It gives you the energy to manifest through action. It helps one to focus their energy on the task at hand and to take their goals one step at a time, rather than overwhelming themselves by trying to do everything at once. Red Aventurine offers solutions to mental blocks that may hold one back from achieving said goals. It improves the flow of energy through the body greatly.

Zodiac(s): Aries

Chakra(s): Root, Sacral


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Orange Aventurine Chip Necklace 18"


Red Aventurine Puffy Palm Stone


Red Aventurine Tumble (Larger)


Red Aventurine Tumbled


Red Aventurine Wand in Lined Box ~3.5"-4"


Red/Orange Aventurine Pumpkin


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