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Aquamarine is all about communication & healthy expression. It not only protects its user from backlash for opening up as your true self, it also gives you the courage to go through with it. Aquamarine aligns all of the chakras, but works mainly to open up the throat. It prevents miscommunications and helps one to understand a situation better. This stone will also enhance intuition and bring clarity to misunderstandings. Aquamarine also encourages tolerance, helping one to understand someone rather than reverting to judgement right away. Use this stone in meditation to bring up new insights & ideas that you may not have considered previously.

Zodiac(s): Gemini, Pisces, Aries

Chakra(s): Throat, Heart, Third Eye

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Aquamarine - Rough Cut


Aquamarine 8mm Bead Bracelet


Aquamarine in Shorl Matrix - AA Grade


Aquamarine in Shorl Matrix - AA Grade


Aquamarine Small Tumbles/Cubes


Aquamarine Thumbnail - Grade AA w/Shorl


Aquamarine w/Mica, Black Tourmaline & Dolomite on Matrix


Blue Labradorite, Dumortierite & Aquamarine 6mm Bracelet


Double Strand Quartz Necklace w/Blue Topaz Moonstone Aquamarine & Howlite Pendants + Moonstone Earrings


Large Rough Cut Aquamarine


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