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Apophyllite is an extremely high vibration stone that can be used for astral travel & remote viewing. It can fill a room with Etheric energy, often raising the energy of the people around it. Apophyllite eases stress & worry, and is incredible for meditation as well as use in crystal grids. It energizes the user’s soul as well as your aura, helping one to keep a strong, healthy auric field and promote healthy boundaries. Apophyllite is also a great stone for injustice or trauma, bringing clarity as to why these events might have happened and helping its user to make peace with it.

Zodiac(s): Gemini, Libra

Chakra(s): Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star

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Large Rough Cut Peach Stilbite/ Apophyllite


Zeolite, Apophyllite, Basalt & Dolomite Specimen

$785.00 $1,715.00

Zeolite, Apophyllite, Basalt & Dolomite Specimen

$685.00 $1,615.00

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