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Green Amethyst

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Green Amethyst has similar mineral properties to different varieties of Quartz and is also known as Prasiolite. However, it is not a very common stone and is sought after because it enhances intuition and assists with empathic energies. It is a very lucky stone and is full of healing energy from the green hue of the crystal. Green Amethyst’s soothing energies help to heal a broken heart or lift the spirits of someone who is experiencing grief for any reason. This stone can also wash away all negativity from your aura. It is also ideal for assisting in the healing process after an emotional trauma of any kind. 

Zodiac(s): Aries, Libra, Pisces

Chakra(s): Heart

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Double Strand Freshwater Pearl w/Freshwater Pearl & Green Amethyst Pendant + Pearl Earrings w/Peridot


Purple Quartz Double Strand Necklace w/Rainbow Topaz Green Amethyst Garnet & Rubellite Tourmaline Pendants + Rubellite Tourmaline Earrings


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