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Chevron Amethyst

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Chevron Amethyst has the properties of three stones combined; Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, and Clear Quartz. This stone is useful for stress relief, creating peace of mind, and aiding your spiritual growth. Chevron Amethyst also assists in self-discovery and acceptance throughout your journey. It is known to be one of the greatest healing stones. It diminishes our cravings and addictions and brings in an energy of protection from negativity. Chevron Amethyst also cleanses our aura and sends waves of inner peace to those in need of it.

Zodiac(s): Any

Chakra(s): Crown, Third Eye 

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Chevron Amethyst Double Terminated


Chevron Amethyst Double Terminated Mini Point ~1-1.25"


Chevron Amethyst Palm Stone


Chevron Amethyst Palm Stone ~2-2.25"


Chevron Amethyst w/Brandberg Starfish


Chevron Banded Amethyst Medium Sized Tumbled


Chevron Banded Amethyst Small Freeform


Chevron Banded Amethyst Small Tumbled Stones -$5


Chevron Banded Amethyst XL Tumble


Chevron Dream Amethyst Cubes under 1"


Chevron Dream Amethyst Cube ~ 0.5"


Chevron Dream amethyst cubes ~1"


Chevron Dream Amethyst Sphere ~60mm


Chevron Dream Amethyst Sphere ~65-70mm


Chevron Dream Amethyst Sphere ~80mm


Moroccan Dream Amethyst Palm


Moroccan Dream Amethyst Palm Stone


Smoky Chevron Amethyst Freeform/Large Tumble ~2"


Smoky Chevron Amethyst Tumble


Smoky Chevron Dream Amethyst Sphere


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