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Black Galaxy Amethyst

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Black Galaxy Amethyst is a powerful stone for spiritual protection and awakening. It protects you from lower energies and negative dreams. Black Galaxy Amethyst also can energetically purify and cleanse a space. This stone is also able to activate, balance, and clear all blockages in the Chakras and Meridians. It is one of the most intense healing stones that will activate all of the possible energies to protect and heal wounds in the energetic and emotional body. It has similar healing properties to Black Quartz.

Zodiac(s): Any

Chakra(s): All

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Galaxy Amethyst Cathedral ~3.75"


  • 1064 S. Main Street, 2B West Creek NJ 08092
  • Ph: 609-290-7218
  • Retail Hours: Tuesday-Friday 12PM - 6PM, Sat. 12-5 & By Appointment, 7 Days a Week