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Amazonite is all about open communication & healthy vulnerability. It helps its user to keep healthy, stable relationships in all areas of your life, including romantic relationships, friendships, familial relations, and even relationships with food & addiction. Amazonite helps one to see an issue from every perspective, even the ones they might not agree with, to find a solution or a compromise to a disagreement. It can be used to connect to the Fairy realm as well as with lesser nature spirits. Amazonite is also one of our favorite stones for protection from EMF waves. If, for example, you use your phone as an alarm clock, try putting an Amazonite in between yourself and your phone to help you sleep easier.

Zodiac(s): Virgo

Chakra(s): Heart, Throat

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Amazonite & Petrified Wood Mala Bracelets w/Bronze Elephant


Amazonite - Rough Cut


Amazonite -Tumbled


Amazonite 3-5mm Bracelet


Amazonite 6mm Bracelet


Amazonite 8mm Bracelet


Amazonite Large Tumbles


Amazonite Mala Beads w/Gold Tassel


Amazonite Palm Stone


Amazonite Palm Stone


Amazonite Palm Stone


Amazonite Rough Cut - Small Specimens ~1.5"-2"


Amazonite Tower ~4.5-5"


Double Strand Quartz Necklace w/Moonstone & Russian Amazonite Pendants + Moonstone Earrings


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