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Turritella Agate

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Turritella Agate, characterized by the fossilized snails in its pattern, is a stone of deep Earth energy and ancient wisdom. It can improve spiritual communication, namely with nature spirits & plants. Turritella Agate can also be used to communicate with one’s ancestors as well as accessing past lives to remember & relearn the lessons that have been taught to you in the past. A great meditation tool, Turritella Agate helps to reach a deeper level of understanding of both yourself and the world around you.

Zodiac(s): Capricorn

Chakra(s): Root, Third Eye

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Turritella Agate Rough Specimen ~2" x 1"


Turritella Agate Rough Specimen ~2.5-3" x 1-1.5"


Turritella Agate Rough Specimen ~3-4" x 1-2"


Turritella Agate Tumbled Stone


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