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Orca Agate

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Named for the beautiful depths of the ocean as well as the majestic orca whale, Orca Agate is a powerful stone that resonates with the Throat Chakra. It is deeply connected to communication and inner truth and can help one acknowledge hidden self-truths. This stone can also help heal any deep, internal emotional wounds, which is how it earned the title of ‘the forgiveness stone’. In this deeply honest self-communication and forgiveness, this stone frees its user from self-doubt and self-loathing, and promotes a gentle inner peace. Using this agate during times of chaos or imbalance will help assist in creating yin and yang harmony. Overall, this stone brings a gentle awareness to what needs attention and a soothing healing for those areas.

Zodiac(s): Any

Chakra(s): Throat

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Orca Agate Flame


Orca Agate Freeform ~4"


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