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Flower Agate

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Flower agate is a recent discovery from Madagascar. It’s a stone of growth and reminds you to honor and appreciate each part of the process of evolving. Flower agate will help you “blossom” into your full potential, encouraging you to see your dreams through with heart, passion, and commitment. This stone brings an inspiring energy that radiates with possibility. If you’re looking to add a bit more life and gusto to your journey, or need some encouragement in seeing your dreams through, flower agate is your perfect stone. This stone is not only for new beginnings, it is a stone of pure transformation and growth that will allow you to blossom to your full potential.

Zodiac(s): Gemini

Chakra(s): Heart, Root

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Flower Agate Holy Fire Flame w/Natural Inclusions ~4" tall


Flower Agate Point ~2"


Flower Agate Point ~2-2.25"


Flower Agate Point ~2.75"


Flower Agate Sphere W/ caves ~ 60 -65 mm


Flower Agate Sphere w/Caves ~ 76mm


Flower Agate Sphere w/Caves ~75mm


Flower Agate Wand w/Druzy ~4"-4.5" long & approx 1.25" in diameter - copy


Flower Agate Wand ~3.75-4.5" long & approx 1" in diameter


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