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Green Tourmaline

Zodiac(s): Capricorn , Virgo , Gemini

Chakra(s): Heart


Planets(s): Venus

Number Vibration(s):6

Green Tourmaline (AKA Verdelite) is the supreme Heart Chakra crystal! It assists in healing energies and removing blockages around the entire energetic system, although it focuses on the heart. Green Tourmaline is also flowing with abundance and assists with attracting money and success of all kinds. It also encourages one to reach for their true desires. This stone aids in connecting one to the cycles of life which assists in planning and implementing new projects. From the green color and ancient nature, it connects with ancient Earth energy. It can also help with connecting to nature spirits. Overall, this stone is a bundle of strength and vitality while still balancing the energy to be one with the Earth.

Healing Properties: Assists in Deep Heart Healing & Removing Blockages from your Energetic Body,Helps Get Abundance Flowing & Attracts Money & Success,Encourages One to Reach for their true Desires,Connects w/Earth Energy & Cycles of Life,Strength & Vitality


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