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Iolite (aka Cordierite or Water Sapphire)

Zodiacs: Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius

Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, Crown

Element: Water, Air

Planetary Association:Saturn

Number Vibration: 7


Iolite, which means “violet” in Greek can actually range from a bright violet color to blue, brown, grey and even with some yellow or green. Despite the variety of colors, Iolite is often referred to as the “Violet Stone” due to its ability to clear, heal and unlock the third eye and crown chakras. This crystal can assist in tapping into the violet ray of ascension and will help you to deep dive into your inner world to heal old wounds, traumas and patterns. Shamans often use this stone in their practices when doing soul retrieval and soul healing work. Working in the upper chakras, Iolite builds the connections between your third eye & crown chakras as well as your third eye and heart chakras. For those ready, Iolite can aid in confronting your fears, moving us forward in areas we have been stagnant. You can also use Iolite to awaken your psychic abilities and to delve into past life experiences.




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