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Rebecca Lynn Services


Crystals 101  

30 min. -- $45

Crystal 101

This is a personal workshop done by phone or video chat to help you better understand the benefits of Crystals, how to maximize the Crystals that you already own in a way that best supports you, along with proper care that most people aren't aware of and how to use Crystals for Protection, Manifesting & to CLEAR NEGATIVITY! This is not only full of great information, it's FUN too! You will get a special FREE GIFT dropped in the mail, lovingly selected for you by Rebecca.

Psychic, Medium, Past Life Reading
60 min & up -- Starting at $175

GET OFF THE CRAZY TRAIN. Spiritual Advising Sessions are Divinely Designed to give you a more complete look at yourself in ways you've never seen before! These are a blend of Psychic, Medium, Past Life & Medical Intuition to help you live your best life. History Repeats itself, if you have Karmic Trauma or a Past Life issue, you may simply be repeating these old patterns when there are other Life Paths available to you by shifting your mindset, perspective, & applying a new action plan. Connect with Loved ones who have passed, your Angels and/or Spirit Guides for closure, peace & guidance.

Advice from your Guardian Angels
(Not Currently Booking for this Service)
30 min & up -- Starting at $90

Connecting with our Angels is important on a regular day, let alone in times of chaos and upheaval. This session will offer loving guidance from your Guardian Angels! You will find out who your Main Guardian Angel is, words of peace & wisdom as well as answers to questions you may be struggling with at this time.This Session also includes a Beautiful Guided Meditation to help you connect with your Angels & develop a direct, personal relationship with them in a new way to enhance your life in deep, spiritual ways.

Distance or In-Person Reiki Session
60 min & up -- Starting at $175

Enjoy the Relaxation & Stress Management that can only be attained through a Reiki Healing Session. Energy is infinite! It travels at the speed of light & is now clinically & scientifically proven to work on calming the nervous system, reducing inflammation, bringing about a meditative state of being & supporting the immune system. Reiki is also know as "Universal Life Force Energy." You can find many Hospital Systems across the globe now offering Reiki Healing & Essential Oils in house because the evidence proves it works.

6 Month Reading
(Not Currently Booking for this Service)
30 min -- $90

Get a month by month heads up on how to handle & HOW NOT TO HANDLE each potential event. Get guidance on what the theme for each month will be & advice on the planetary influences that will be occurring during the course of your Reading. BONUS!! Find out who your primary Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide is!

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  • Ph: 609-290-7218
  • Retail Hours: Tuesday 12-6pm; Wednesday-Friday 11AM - 7PM, Sat. 12-5 & By Appointment, 7 Days a Week