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Reiki Healing Session (Distance or In-Person)
30 min & up -- Starting at $50
Enjoy the Relaxation & Stress Management that can only be attained through a Reiki Healing Session. Energy is infinite! It travels at the speed of light & is now clinically & scientifically proven to work on calming the nervous system, reducing inflammation, bringing about a meditative state of being & supporting the immune system. Reiki is also know as "Universal Life Force Energy." You can find many Hospital Systems across the globe now offering Reiki Healing & Essential Oils in house because the evidence proves it works.

Numerology Report/Session
Starting at $100
Numerology Sessions look into 7 key personality areas that explain your strengths, weaknesses and what you are here to learn, your karmic lessons, where you are in your current manifestation cycle and the themes and potential issues of the next 6-12 months.  More detailed sessions can include life challenges and go more in depth into your lessons and strengths built in to complete the lessons.  When called, health issues associated with certain aspects of your numerological blueprint will be brought in as well.  

Health Coaching Sessions
60 min.  $100

Individual Health Coaching Sessions which include nutritional guidance and tips based on your unique needs and body chemistry. There is NO one size fits all when it comes to diet! My focus is primarily on upgrading your current diet and adding foods and habits that will eventually replace the foods and habits that are no longer serving you. Generally delve into the emotional aspects of health issues as well as the physical. When warranted, I also use numerology for clues for personality and general health conditions based on your numbers.

Supplementation Consultation
Approx 60 min.  $100

60-90 min depending on your personal needs. This fun, informative consultation will go over how and when to take supplements and teach you how to give your body a voice to determine what supplements you actually need. Bring your supplements along and we will use them to test what, how many & when you should be taking them. *This consult is for information purposes only, consult with a Dr. before making changes to supplementation & medications.*
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  • Ph: 609-290-7218
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