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Metatron is only one of two Archangels who have actually incarnated as humans (Sandalphon is the other). He is the "youngest" of the Archangels and is depicted as Enoch in the Bible. Enoch was a scholar of heavenly secrets, having received the Book of the Angel Raziel and as a result was escorted by God directly to the seventh heaven to get his wings. His work on Earth as a scribe has carried over and he is the one who records and organizes the Akashic Records.  He is also the Angel of Sacred Geometry and Numerology and is the one who sends Angel Numbers. If you have trouble with procrastination, he is a great one to call on for motivation. He also helps with children, particularly those with ADD, ADHD and Autism and can be asked for help with any issues you are having with your children. 
  • 1064 S. Main Street, 2B West Creek NJ 08092
  • Ph: 609-290-7218
  • Retail Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11AM - 7PM, Sat. 12-5 & By Appointment, 7 Days a Week