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June's Guide of the Month is the goddess, Brigid (also know as Brigit or St. Brigid). She has been very present in our shop these last couple weeks and can generally be sensed through heat (as she is a fire goddess), as she helps cleanse and purify those who are ready while they are here in our magical space.  Brigit means "the bright one," "the bright arrow," or "the powerful one" depending on who you ask, as she is know as a Celtic Warrior Goddess throughout Ireland, Spain, France & Wales.  The female equivalent to Archangel Michael, Brigid is fiercely protective of those who call upon her. She is the epitome of balance between Femininity and "No-Apologies Power"!  During this time that we are learning our vulnerabilities are not weakness but show us our true strength and power, it is no accident that she is showing up for us!  

She is also a triple goddess, meaning she represents the maiden, mother & crone (wise one).  She uses her flames to increase fertility and creativity; helping you create the life you want; as well as helping you heal so that you may achieve what it is you are aspiring to accomplish.  Call on Brigid for courage, to help find direction, your life purpose as well as for protection.
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