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St. Germain is an Ascended Master and imparts knowledge of the Violet Flame of Ascension. He is a powerful guide to work with during the shift into the Age of Aquarius and into 5D living. It was through channeling of St. Germain that the power of "I AM" came into my awareness and I use to this day to manifest the life I want and re-align my focus away from what I don't want. He was an alchemist and is thought to be the founder of the Freemasons, so what better guide to call on when you want to make a change! Legend has it that he incarnated as Joseph (father of Jesus), Merlin, Shakespeare and Christopher Columbus. 

As an Ascended Master, he provides guidance, protection and courage to Lightworkers and assists on the path to Ascension. In addition, he can help those who are uncomfortable with authority figures by helping you stand in your own power, space clearing, psychic protection, life purpose/direction, miraculous manifestations and perseverance to hang in there while waiting for diving timing.
  • 1064 S. Main Street, 2B West Creek NJ 08092
  • Ph: 609-290-7218
  • Retail Hours: Tuesday-Friday 12PM - 6PM, Sat. 12-5 & By Appointment, 7 Days a Week